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A Guide for Protecting Workers from Woodworking Hazards: OSHA Brochure 3157
Machines used in woodworking are dangerous, particularly when used improperly or without proper safeguards. Workers operating woodworking equipment suffer the following common injurie
A Guide to Scaffold Use in the Construction Industry 2002 (Revised): OSHA Brochure #3150
The agency’s recent rule, Safety Standards for Scaffolds Use in the Construction Industry rule aims to protect workers using scaffolding in construction work.   Scaffol
Access to Medical and Exposure Records: OSHA Brochure #3110
Who should read this booklet? If you are an employee who has a possible exposure to or uses toxic substances or harmful physical agents at your work site or an employer who has empl
Aerial Lift Safety - Quick Card
  Aerial lifts include boom-supported aerial platforms, such as cherry pickers or bucket trucks. The major causes of fatalities are falls, electrocutions, and collapses or
Aerial Lift Safety - Quick Card - Spanish
  Las jirafas incluyen a las plataformas elevadas de aguilón sostenido, como lo son las de puntal extensible con canasta (mejor conocidas como “cherry pickers”) o los
All About OSHA: OSHA Brochure #3302-06N
OSHA’s Mission   Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace for their employees. OSHA’s role is to assure the safety and health of America
Alliance: An OSHA Cooperative Program: OSHA Brochure #3190
ALLIANCE PROGRAM   In March 2002, OSHA created its newest cooperative effort, the Alliance Program. It enables organizations committed to safety and health to collaborate
ANSI / ITSDF B56.1 Safety Standard for Low Lift and High Lift Trucks
In June 1946, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers adopted a resolution to develop a Safety Code for Powered Industrial Trucks. On August 7, 1947, the American Standards Association (now call
Asbestos Standard for the Construction Industry: OSHA Brochure #3096
What is asbestos?   Asbestos is the generic term for a group of naturally occurring, fibrous minerals with high tensile strength, flexibility, and resistance to heat, che
Best Practices for Hospital-Based First Receivers of Victims from Mass Casualty Incidents Involving the Release of Hazardous Substances: 3249-08N
Healthcare workers risk occupational exposures to chemical, biological, or radiological materials when a hospital receives contaminated patients, particularly during mass casualty inc
Best Practices for the Safe Use of Glutaraldehyde in Health Care: OSHA Brochure #3258-08N 2006
This best practices booklet is not a standard or regulation, and it creates no new legal obligations. The document is advisory in nature, informational in content, and is intended t
Cadmium: OSHA Brochure #3136-06R
Cadmium, a naturally occurring element found in the earth’s crust, was discovered in 1817, but was not used commercially until the end of the 19th century. This soft, silver-white
This publication was prepared by Cal/OSHA for use by workers, employers, supervisors, job stewards, and safety personnel. It is meant to serve as a quick field reference. It summarizes
Chemical Hazard Communication: OSHA Brochure #3084
Under the provisions of the Hazard Communication Standard, employers are responsible for informing employees of the hazards and the identities of workplace chemicals to which they are
Combustible Dust Poster
Combustible Dust Poster
Construction Industry Digest 2002: OSHA Brochure #2202
The Construction Industry safety and health standards contained in this booklet are to aid employers, supervisors, and safety and health personnel in their efforts toward achieving
Control of Hazardous Energy Lockout/Tagout: OSHA Brochure #3120
This booklet presents OSHA’s general requirements for controlling hazardous energy during service or maintenance of machines or equipment.   It is not intended to replace
Controlling Electrical Hazards: OSHA Brochure #3075
This booklet provides an overview of basic electrical safety on the job. Electricity is essential to modern life, both at home and on the job.   Some employees — engineer
Crane or Derrick Suspended Personnel Platforms 2002 Revised: OSHA Brochure #3100
This booklet highlights selected OSHA requirements for hoisting personnel by crane or derrick in the construction industry, prescribes the measures employers must take to bring their
Derechos y Responsabilidades Del Empleador tras una inspección de OSHA: OSHA Brochure #3195SP-12R
seguridad y salud aprobados por OSHA: 23 de estos planes cubren los sectores privados y públicos (gobiernos estatales y locales) y 3 cubren únicamente al sector público.