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"Compliance costs too much.  We are absolutely going to do something about it!"

Michael Van Hanja, Owner – Askthesafetyman.com

Mike Van HanjaMike founded Askthesafetyman.com on the foundation of providing the best quality training, materials and resources at the absolute lost possible costs, period.  As a former corporate safe manager, Mike constantly found himself hit with safety program management budget restrictions and reductions.  In difficult economic times most businesses see safety / security & loss prevention efforts as pure cost centers and are generally at the top of most budget slashing lists.


So, when the opportunity presented itself Mike jumped at the opportunity to put his training, education and experience to work to help others in the same position he was in.  ”Compliance costs too much and we are absolutely going to do something about that!”


Mike served in Charlie Company of the 4th Battalion 27th Infantry Regiment of the 25th Infantry Division stationed in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.  Mike loves to share stories about his service in the Army in Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Guam, Wake Island and Japan.  But his favorite stories are about protecting Hawaii from invasion on the beaches of Waikiki.


It is through his service and commitment to this country that Mike developed a strong sense of community and patriotic duty.  It is to this end that Askthesafetyman.com created the Have-a-Heart Save-a-Heart fundraising program to support community clubs, groups, churches, teams, schools, teachers and associations with the ability to raise the funds they so desperately need.  The program has been expanded to include vulnerable families and struggling college students to help them survive these difficult economic times.groups.  Groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, youth sports leagues, teachers and classrooms, church groups, community service organizations and many other worthwhile programs are eligible to participate in this simple fundraising program.


We are so passionate about supporting our communities that the Have-a-Heart Save-a-Heart program was designed to start and run quickly with absolutely no financial commitments, minimum order quantities, credit card deposits or any other restriction or participation mandates.  Groups or families register to participate and are emailed everything they need to start and run their own fundraising programs.